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The New Orleans Saints are going to the Super Bowl and for all you Saints fans out there, allow me to greet you with a hearty “WHO DAT?” because, as we now know, the “dat” won’t be Brett Favre or the Minnesota Vikings. The reasons why the Vikings aren’t going are being debated pretty heavily. Who gets the blame? Brad Childress? Adrian Peterson? Bernard Berrian? The referees for utterly gagging in the overtime? Brett Favre?

There’s plenty of it to go around, but one thing’s for sure, no one wore the face of failure quite like Favre or his face-palming wife (who leads this post). After the jump, there’s a pretty awesome .gif capturing the agony of one of the more ill-timed interceptions, maybe ever.

Favre Fail

Because of the size of the image (around 5 MBs, found here), it might take a second or two to load, but trust me, the reward is worth the wait, especially if you were rooting for the Saints last night. While I could’ve gone either way — I just wanted a good game — there’s something oddly satisfying about watching Favre’s reaction on an infinite loop.