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New coach of the Oakland Raiders? That’s Hue Jackson, ladies and gentlemen. Hue. Jackson. Not Hugh Jackman, although it’s easy to tell why you might get it confused. Hue Jackson was named as the new coach just two weeks after the Raiders announced that Tom Cable’s contract option was not being picked up.

Now, get ready to do your best Al Davis impression (because we know you have one):

“It is a great day for the Raiders,” team owner Al Davis said. “We have the opportunity to bring to you someone who has made a great impression on the organization.”

Jackson, for his part, said that his job was to take the team to the Super Bowl, and that he “wants to create an environment of success in Oakland.” In true Rex Ryan fashion, he also made a pretty bold prediction, “We’re going to win this division, get into the playoffs and compete for the Super Bowl.”

This move isn’t a surprise, of course, since he was hired away from the Ravens to take over the play calling from Cable last year. He made a definite difference on that side of the ball, so it should be interesting to see what he does with the entire team. He has a lot of experience overall in the NFL, but does it really matter? I can’t see this guy lasting more than a couple of years. This is Al Davis’ team we’re talking about after all. Raiders coaches tend to last as long as Bears’ quarterbacks.