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Terrell Owens

Say what you will about Terrell Owens, most of it earned, no doubt, but he’s trying hard to be a fan-favorite for the Cincinnati Bengals, the fifth team of his career. Besides saying all the right things, except, perhaps, that stuff about Dallas — he was being honest, conversely — a love-letter from Owens to Bengals fans appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer, thanking his new TEAM for the support they’ve given thus far, as well as talking of Super Bowl glory.

There’s also a moment of introspection for the one they call T.O.:

With my “me against the world” mentality as a young man, I’ve learned that life can be more challenging but I’ve matured.

Of course, the surest way to impress both the fans and the new establishment quickly is to make plays. Catch (the key word here, I think we can all agree) touchdowns, block well for your promising running game, and be — *gasp* — a beacon of light and knowledge in a locker-room full of talented newcomers.

Perhaps that last one is snicker-inducing, but if he follows the parameters he put in his letter, it’s not too much to ask; but if it is, then asking him not to become a cancer, especially if Jordan Shipley gets Wes Welker-like attention from Carson Palmer, isn’t.

Aside: Shipley can get open and catch just about every ball thrown near him, and with the Ochocinco/Owens bookends on the field, Shipley (and Jermaine Gresham) are going to have a lot of room to work with.

Now we get to see if Owens is a man of his word.