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You can talk about the time of possession differential and the Indianapolis Colts’ big play ability all you want, but the fact of the matter is, if you are a Miami Dolphins fan, your ire should be directed at Ted Ginn and his astounding end zone drop. Now, I’m not suggesting Phins fans channel Buffalo and go trash Ginn’s yard, but if it happened, would you be surprised?

Not that I’m trying to kick someone when they are down, but if you are a wide receiver who has been picked in the top ten of the NFL Draft, you make that catch. If you have ideas of being a true lead receiver for your team, you make that catch. Ginn’s counterpart during the game, Reggie Wayne, makes that catch. Dallas Clark? He makes that catch. To his credit, Ginn has pretty much admitted the same, but I don’t think that’s providing much solace for the Dolphins faithful:

“I got both hands on it,” Ginn said. “Guys came through and made a great play. That’s what this league is about. Everybody’s going to make plays.”

Everybody, it seems, except you Ted — at least when it counted the most, anyway. To his credit, Ginn’s quarterback, Chad Pennington, sounds like he still has faith in young Teddy:

Pennington also made sure to say that he believed in Ted Ginn, Jr. “I believe he can make plays for us,” Pennington said.

The Dolphinis faithful, unfortunately for Ginn, doesn’t look like it shares the same belief. Lest we forget, while Ginn’s closing seconds drop is the one that will be remembered, he also dropped another end zone pass earlier in the game.

I think we’ve found the problem: While he’s considered the Dolphins’ goat, Ginn did have a productive game, catching 11 balls for over 100 yards. However, his issues came about when the ball was being thrown to him in the end zone, which is the one constant when discussing Ginn’s failures. Apparently, the lesson here is don’t have him run patterns that put him in past the goal line. Instead, perhaps Pennington should throw it short and see if Ginn’s athleticism can finish the job.