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Man, that seems like such a long time ago when TO was crying for his quarterback, Tony Romo. Now there are stories about jealously and general attention-whoring, which, for Terrell Owens, is awfully surprising. The story’s flash point came from who else but ESPN when they posted an article about Owens’ resentment towards the relationship of Tony Romo and Jason Witten.

There were a lot of revealing anonymous quotes that, if true, could be really damning to the rest of the Cowboys season. Examples:

“If you only knew all that guy does. It’s gonna go down with him before it’s all over with. He is unbelievable. Tough loss and he does that?”


“Well, T.O. got his way,” the player said. “It never fails how we operate around here. Drives me crazy, but what can you do?”

But this morning in the Dallas Morning News, TO said he is not jealous of Witten and Romo’s friendship. He just wants to win. With their HUGE game against the Giants on Sunday night, we’ll see just how much of this is true and which side the truth lies. If the Cowboys struggle against the Super Bowl Champs, could we be treated to another TO sideline explosion?

Of course, if they beat the Giants and TO has a good game, everything’s gravy — but what if they win and Witten gets all the passes? Would Owens be happy under those circumstances? Whatever the outcome, I’ll say this for the man:

There’s never a boring moment when he’s apart of the story.