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Super Bowl Quarterbacks

Yeah, yeah. I figured I, just like everybody else, would play this, “I can’t believe Arizona is in Super Bowl card,” but that’s too obvious. Furthermore, if the Cardinals offense keeps scoring like they have and they continue to get decent support from their defensive unit, Arizona is not going to be an easy win for any team they play in two weeks. It’s really pretty simple: Kurt Warner has all the experience you can ask for and his receiving corps is clearly the best in the league. These two components alone make them a legitimate threat to win the Super Bowl.

Add in a resurgent running game and a defense that’s playing much better than it did in the regular season, and you have the Arizona Cardinals, the NFC’s Super Bowl representative.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are less of a surprise, seeing how they have the best defense in the NFL and they have a quarterback who has already won one ring. Besides, the Steelers aren’t the team that suffered the late-season swoon, much like their Super Bowl opponents did. Currently, the Steelers are the 6.5 point favorite, and unless something drastic happens to either team, I would expect the line to stay in the same ballpark.

The game will probably be billed as Arizona’s high-powered offense versus Pittsburgh’s stout, stout defense. Can the Steelers put pressure on Warner and make him throw a mistake or two? What about Arizona? Can they, in turn, force Roethlisberger to make some mistakes as well? Will the Steelers be able to establish the run against Arizona or will the Cardinals’ quick-strike abilities force the Steelers to be more aggressive on offense?

Just a few of the things I’m looking at while we try and kill two weeks. Naturally, Ticket Solutions–IF’s parent company–has Super Bowl tickets. We’ll have a few pre-Super Bowl posts as well, especially once the teams get into Tampa next week.