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Tampa Brett?

It looks like the above picture is coming closer and closer to becoming fact — that is, Brett Favre joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, although, there are also rumors of the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets getting his services as well. News of the potential trades broke late last night on the 2am Sportscenter as Chris Mortensen was evidently putting in mad amounts of overtime.

The idea of trading Favre, once an unthinkable prospect, came to light after hours and hours of meeting between the embattled quarterback and the Green Bay coaching staff and front office. The consensus? Brett no longer belongs in Green Bay. In fact, in one of the most ironic statements perhaps ever, Favre indicated he did not want to be a distraction to incumbent starter Aaron Rodgers.

Um, excuse me? What the hell would you call these last few weeks, there Brett?

Moving on. If/when Favre suits up for 2008, it will be for another team — although, I wonder what would happen if, say, Rodgers got hurt in practice. Would the front office and Mike McCarthy have a change of heart? Would Brett somehow get over these “emotional wounds” causing the rift?

As for his Tampa Bay projections, it’s pretty obvious Jon Gruden would love to have Brett but what about Jeff Garcia? If he isn’t part of the trade package to bring Favre in, would he just sit idly by and give up his starting position? Not according to him, he wouldn’t.

Furthermore, if Garcia was part of the trade package, he’d obviously expect to compete with Rodgers for the Packers starting job. Would the Green Bay coaching staff allow that to happen or are they hellbent on keeping Rodgers under center until he A. proves himself or B. fails? Again, it’s doubtful Garcia would quietly accept back-up duties. It’s obvious he wants to be the centerpiece of an offense and as long as he has that ability, why would you fault him for that?

As for Favre, I really doubt this is the way he wanted to end his Green Bay career. Understatement aside, I’m still having a hard time understanding his overwhelming sense of neediness. After being pedestalized for so long, does he really need the reassuring pat on the back from Mike McCarthy and company to feel good about playing quarterback in Green Bay? Apparently so.

More on this as it breaks.