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Super Bowl Tats

There’s a football game of some significance on Sunday featuring lots of expensive commercials and enough pregame programming to choke the most committed marathon watchers. The Super Bowl something or other I believe it’s called. Anyway, being the respectable sports blogger that I am, it would be bad of me to remain silent on the prediction front. Here’s what I got:

Arizona – 27
Pittsburgh – 24

I think the Cardinals offense will spread Pittsburgh’s 3-4 defense out and make them cover all those weapons Kurt Warner has at his disposal. Also, if Pittsburgh can’t get to Warner without blitzing, it could be a long game for the Steel curtain. Conversely, Willie Parker played well in the last Super Bowl he was in, so I don’t see why we can’t expect another good showing from the Pittsburgh running back, although, I might be misjudging his value.

It would also be wise if the Steelers’ offense controlled the time of possession, keeping Arizona’s offense on the sidelines.

Super Bowl Reading Material
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