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Super Bowl Food

The most popular Sunday of the year is approaching. Naturally, I’m talking about Super Bowl Sunday. But what does this upcoming day of “rest” offer sports fans like us? Football? Well, yeah, but it’s more than just men in plastic armor pounding on each other for three-plus hours. Commercials? Yes, but we’ve already covered those. Plus, if the only thing you are looking forward to is televised ad pitches, you’ve probably missed the point of Super Bowl Sunday.

No, the other thing I’m talking about is good eating. The Super Bowl means Super Bowl parties, which means lots and lots of good food. With that in mind, we’ve collected some nifty Super Bowl food ideas to help with Sunday’s mastication.

Get your napkins ready.

The RoethlisBURGER
With the Pittsburgh Steelers representing the AFC, it would be remiss of me to exclude the sandwich made and named after the Steelers quarterback. Invented by Jeff Trebac, the Roethlisburger is a culinary concoction any blue-blooded Steelers fan should not miss. There are many “impostors” to the original recipe, but one site in particular actually makes the sandwich into a true burger—a RothlisBURGER.

Super Bowl Food

Beef + bacon + eggs + cheese + bacon-fried onion rings + bread = Super Bowl food bliss.

Recipe for the RoethlisBURGER

Fear not, Cardinals fans. Pittsburgh isn’t the only team with a Super Bowl-worthy food. The BBQ Addicts also have an Arizona Cardinals-themed dish (or bowl). The Anquan BREAD BOWL-din SOUP is a chicken-based soup served in a bread bowl.

Super Bowl Food

Hopefully, the soup won’t yell at any of your kitchen assistants.

If bread bowls are a little to sophisticated for your Super Bowl party needs, check out the BBQ Addicts’ ridiculously awesome Bacon Explosion. If you are a bacon fan, it is an absolute must. I mean, any dish that calls for a 5×5 bacon weave should be apart of your everyday nutritional intake.

Speaking of bacon and the Super Bowl, the ladies of the bacon bikini have a few words they’d like to share:

Not sure why the damn video is turned on its side, but I digress. Why should we let minor details like page orientation take away from your enjoyment of these lovely ladies?

Super Bowl Food

See, more picture orientation issues. Oh well, back to the Super Bowl food. Next up, I have a collection of dips, wings, appetizers, and entrees you might consider on Sunday.


Super Bowl Food
Image found at Kerry Beck’s blog

AllRecipes.com’s Super Bowl Dip Buffet

Healthy Super Bowl dips

Guacamole and Bacon Dip

Game Day Layered Bean Dip

About.com’s Layered Dips page

AZCentral has dips for the Steelers and the Cardinals.

Taco Salad Dip – a personal fave

Super Bowl Spinach Dip

Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dip, which leads us to:

Chicken Wing Recipes

Super Bowl Food

If you don’t feel like contributing to Hooters’ goal of over 2 million wings sold, you can always make your own. There are literally tons of chicken wing recipes online, but here are a few for you to try.

Red Hot’s standard wing recipe

Dad’s Super Bowl Wings, courtesy of Gunaxin.

Sesame Chicken Wings

Taco Chicken Wings

Honey Garlic Wings

Boneless Chicken Wings

Over 800 wing recipes

ChickenWingRecipes.net — the URL explains it all.

And finally, here a few entrees you can do:

Super Bowl Food

Super Sandwiches

Stuffed Mushrooms–apparently, these are a hit a Super Bowl parties.

Bacon Cheeseburger Pasta–Yay, bacon!

Tons of different Super Bowl recipes

With all of the above going on, if you can’t get a great food spread going by Sunday, you are simply doing it wrong. These recipes are simple to do and they go a long way to providing a great Super Bowl party experience. Food and sports go together like hands and gloves. Whether it’s a bacon-based product or some killer wings and dip, there’s no excuse for you not have a great spread on Sunday.

Who cares if your team gets beat or how many bets you lose? With all that good food, you’ll be too full to give a damn about anything but a food coma. Save the sad fan stuff for Monday morning.