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Stating the obvious here, but whenever there’s a Super Bowl event in the modern area, people turn out in droves, and XLII was no different. As you already know, the Giants upset of the Patriots was the most watched Super Bowl in television history with 97.5 million viewers tuning in to watch Eli come of age.

There is also going to be a lot of people to see the Giants ticker-tape parade, which takes place this afternoon in lower Manhattan. According to Newsday.com, it was like the day after Thanksgiving in Battery Park as people began showing up to secure their place early, early Tuesday morning. By rush-hour, there were “several hundred thousand fans lining the parade route.”

Expect this number to increase into the millions by the time the parade starts at 11 EST (actually, that’s like, right now). Do you think there will be a lot of New York Giants jerseys on display? I also wonder if Tiki will be the guest of honor… I mean, his actions did help bring this team closer together, while helping Eli begin the process of displaying his considerable backbone.

In honor of the Giants win, I thought I’d share this nifty little motivational poster I found at Fark.com, provided by user lifeboat:


Some people were apparently happy the Pats lost…