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That’s right, the effects of not achieving perfection can weigh heavily; so much so it—well, for one Patriots player anyway—can make you turn to marijuana for some comfort. Unfortunately for said player, marijuana is still pretty illegal in most states.

According to numerous reports, including Deadspin, Willie Andrews, a defensive back/special teamer for the Patriots, was arrested in Lowell, Mass., for possession of the Devil’s Weed and for driving an unregistered vehicle. Now why you would do one of these things combined with the other is beyond me, but apparently, Williams was so distraught over the Giants victory he lost his good judgment skills… if he ever had any.

Williams was drafted in the seventh round of the 2006 NFL Draft and represents the last player the Patriots took. Well, with decisions like these, he probably won’t be talking to Bill Beli-second place during practice for much longer.

Willie and Billy

According to the Boston Herald, Williams allegedly had a “significant amount of marijuana in his possession.” I guess losing to the Giants hit him harder than some of the other players…