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Continuing in the themes set forth by Busted Coverage and on 205th, if you search for Super Bowl Celebrations and Giants Parade on YouTube, you’ll find a cavalcade of videos immortalizing the beauty of sports fans going nuts.

Lots of people + Lots of police + underdog Super Bowl champ = good times.

3rd Avenue after the game ends:

Of course, NY’s Finest has to respond:

Midway through, you see just two vehicles try and disperse the mob… and they failed. Later they returned with reinforcements and people start moving to the side. All in all, you have to admire the NYC Police and their decorum. Of course, they were probably loving it as much as the crowd.

Now for a look at the Giants Parade from ground/crowd view. Oh the humanity.

Hoboken can get down as well:

The, um, Giants bandwagon got really full, really fast.