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Earl HickeyNow this is interesting… according to Bnai Haman, an alumni of Columbia University, a recent campus appearance by President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (you know, this guy), which was followed by a Bob Kraft donation, may have led to the Patriots loss to the New York Giants last Sunday.

Haman reasons that Craft’s donation supports a university that’s willing to entertain Ahmadinejad, who Haman deeply opposes, and that led to the Patriots’ Super Bowl downfall because it put his team in line of fire from bad karma, an idea Earl Hickey can certainly accept and support.

In fact, Haman went as far to provide a press release detailing he and his supporters’ positions:

“Karma is a very powerful thing,” says Jed Christianson, a volunteer with Bnai Haman. “Many, many sports celebrities are superstitious about remaining on the good side of luck – something that the Patriots may have overlooked.”

So there you go. It wasn’t an incredible New York Giants pass rush or Eli Manning and his brilliant 4th quarter or David Tyree. It was because Craft tempted fate by supporting a university that associates themselves with suspect world leaders. What comes around, goes around.