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Pittsburgh Steelers Hines WardYou bet! Maybe against the Packers, maybe not.

But this weekend, our attention is on the four games involving other potential dancers. And there may be some surprises.

Seattle Will Advance
The regular season is over. Everyone is 0-0. That said, I will ignore the Seahawks losing record during the regular season and give them a win during the postseason tourney, though just one.

The Saints are depleted by injuries and travel to a noisy Northwest. While I have the utmost respect for Drew Brees, I don’t think he can do this alone. It’ll be an early exit for New Orleans (who have never won a road playoff game), and the Seahawks will exit the playoffs next week — unless they play the 49ers, who still may have a shot.

Jets Built for Postseason
The Jets were built for January. And even though they travel, like the Saints – the Colts are missing too many weapons. I do think that Manning can win this game almost single-handed, but he won’t

Even with Joseph Addai back in the lineup, the Colts will be one-and-done. And we’ll be able to hear Rex Ryan sound bytes for at least one more week.

Baltimore is the Best Team This Weekend
Of all the teams playing this weekend, the Baltimore Ravens look like a Super Bowl team. I like the Chiefs in my heart (umh, Steeler Fan, remember?) – but the Ravens are just to tough on both sides of the ball.

I could easily see Baltimore winning every game they play this month.

Packers Ready to Continue
The story that has been Michael Vick has been fun to watch (unless your name is Tucker Carlson). But Aaron Rodgers is another week healthier and hungry for a playoff victory. He gets it this weekend.

Rodgers doesn’t even have to be the one to win this game. I believe the Packers defense will lead the team to victory just as sure as Andrew Luck is leading Jim Harbaugh back to Stanford (but that’s another post, hmm?)

And yes, Cherie – I’m gearing up for a Packers vs. Steelers Super Bowl.