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Ben Rothlisberger

By now, you’ve heard about the Ben Roethlisberger news — well, not from ESPN — thanks, in large part, to Mike Florio and Pro Football Talk. Now, we have some details of the complaint, and at first glance, it doesn’t look incredibly bright for the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback.

The complainant — Andrea McNulty, an employ of Harrahs in Reno, NV — filed a detailed civil suit against Roethlisberger and the, well, details are troubling for one of two reasons: Either she has a vivid imagination, coupled with a get-rich-quick mentality, or the Steelers quarterback is another of a long line of athletes who don’t like to hear the word “no.” The details, which are upcoming, are not for the meek:

[McNulty] claims that, as she tried to leave the room, Roethlisberger blocked her path, and that he “grabbed [her] and started to kiss her.”

She claims that she was “shocked and stunned that this previously friendly man, that appeared to be a gentleman in her previous contacts with him was suddenly preventing her from leaving, was assaulting and battering her.”

McNulty admits that she didn’t try to fight Roethlisberger, citing his size and strength. She claims that she “communicated her objection and lack of consent,” and that he nevertheless began “fondling [her] through her dress and between her legs.”

She claims that he pushed her onto the bed, and despite her alleged protests he “pulled her underpants off and proceeded to penetrate her.”

McNulty claims that she told him, “You don’t want to do this.” She also claims that she said, “Please don’t,” and that she told him she was not on any type of birth control.

She claims that he said in response, “Don’t worry, I’ll pull out,” which he ultimately did.

The defense of Roethlisberger has started in earnest. First with a denial from Roethlisberger’s attorney and secondly, a post from TMZ about McNulty , which just might provide all the reasonable doubt a Steelers fan/Big Ben supporter might need.

From TMZ:

Sources connected with the case tell us a former co-worker of McNulty’s at Harrah’s came forward with this incredible story — that around the time McNulty hooked up with Roethlisberger, she was allegedly involved with a married man. The man’s wife, we’re told, created an email account, posing as a U.S. soldier in Iraq. The wife began corresponding with McNulty to gain information. We’re told the former co-worker has said McNulty fell in love with the fictitious soldier and began telling people she was engaged to him. When the wife stopped the correspondence, McNulty then began telling people the soldier was killed in action.

We’re told McNulty told at least one co-worker she began seeing a psychiatrist because of the phantom soldier.

Regardless if she’s telling the truth about the assault or not, questions about her mental acuity cannot help her case. Any lawyer worth his/her salt will take the above description and use it to try and discredit her accusation of Roethlisberger, for better or worse. Then there’s the civil suit issue. The immediate reaction of, “why didn’t she go to the cops” instead of waiting over a year to file doesn’t help her public court cause much at all.

Nevertheless, as Florio reminds us, McNulty provides some very detailed descriptions of what allegedly happened. If she has any modicum of proof to back her claims, it’s going to be a very long rest of the summer for Big Ben.