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Chris Henry

Now that the charges have been dropped from Chris Henry’s latest run-in with the law, there was talk the paragon of maturity might return to Cincinnati to ply his receiver trade. But, thanks to Marvin Lewis, you can close the door on that idea.
“I’m not interested,” Lewis said when asked if he wanted Henry back. “It would not be productive for our football team. To be an NFL player, you have to be a productive player. It’s a privilege, not a right.”

While the idea sounded good from a sports blogger point of view (easy news outlet), can you really blame Marvin Lewis and the rest of the Bengals front office for feeling this way? How many chances does on get before these save chances are extinguished? For Henry, the answer seems to be about five — not quite to Steve Howe’s level but much more than you would expect from an NFL team.

It’s been a long and winding offseason for the Bengals in regards to their receivers. First you had the unnecessary Chad Johnson silliness and then Chris Henry’s return to grace. Again, is it any surprise Marvin Lewis wanted to put this whole business to bed? They finally got Ocho-Cinco to be shut up and play. Why on earth would they want to deal with any potential Chris Henry mishaps.

In other news, the Bengals are auditioning for a third receiver. The prerequisites for the position are speed, hands and the ability to stretch the field. Glenn Holt, are you up to the task? If not, Antonio Chatman is ready to give it a try.