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With 263 rushing yards in the Jets’ two playoff games, rookie Shonn Greene has the second-best rushing total ever by a rookie in the NFL Playoffs. Not only is Greene producing at a high rate, it’s his play, and not the other, more well-known rookie — Mark Sanchez — that’s leading the Jets to an unexpected appearance in the AFC Championship game. Granted, Sanchez hasn’t made any costly mistakes, however, without Greene and Thomas Jones keeping opposing defenses honest, opponents would simply tee off on the rookie quarterback, forcing him to either win or loss the game.

However, because the Jets running game is going so well — not to mention, their stout defense — Sanchez can get away with a pedestrian 12-23 for one TD and one interception performance and still be a position to make a Super Bowl appearance.

In the lead video, we have Greene’s touchdown that broke the proverbial backs of the San Diego Chargers, and all I can say about that is, “poor Eric Weddle.” In case you missed it, Weddle is the Charger who got absolutely “hit stick trucked” by Greene as he rumbled for the go-ahead score. Next up for the surprising Jets? A Sunday date with the Indianapolis Colts. The winner, of course, gets a to punch their ticket for Miami, Florida, and a February 7th date with whoever the NFC decides to send.

As of now, it’s hard not to like Minnesota’s chances, but then again, let’s see how they fair on the road against New Orleans before anyone crowns them “NFC Champions.”