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Jeremy Shockey

If you have a reputation as an outspoken, demonstrative player — one that can alienate a locker room — it’s a good idea to be a productive teammate, or else run the risk of losing the support of your teammates. It seems as if Jeremy Shockey has already reached this point and if he continues to not produce on the field, he could find himself in the same boat as DeAngelo Hall.

After a miserable day that ended with New Orleans’ prized offseason signing sitting on the sideline while his team was in the midst of a furious comeback, it looks like the Shockey signing was a mistake. Not only are there reports of Shockey pissing his teammates off, he’s also been woefully unproductive in the Saints pass-happy offense. While he has missed three games because of injury, Shockey has played in six more, and all he has to show for his efforts are zero touchdowns and two lost fumbles.

That’s not quite the level of production Sean Payton and the gang expected from their expensive acquisition. An example of yesterday’s ineptitude:

Facing third-and-10 from the Saints’ 37-yard line and still within two touchdowns, Shockey failed to pick up a rushing Falcons defender, forcing Brees to unload a quick dump-off pass to him in the left flat to avoid a sack.

Not only did Shockey miss the block, he missed the ball, dropping it with a half-hearted effort that spurred Brees to sprint toward him and emotionally voice his frustration. The animated discussion continued on the Saints’ sideline.

While the tight end did take the blame for missing the assignment — and the ball — it’s blatantly obvious Shockey isn’t providing anywhere near the level of production expected of him when he was acquired. As for the teammate hate, Mike Florio indicates both on-field and off-field behavior contributes to these feelings.

Simply put, if Shockey wants redemption in New Orleans before he gets thrown on the DeAngelo Hall fire, he might want to finish his assignments, catch the ball and perhaps even find the end zone before the season ends.