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Santonio Holmes Tweet

Furthering the point that athletes should probably stay away from Twitter, unless they are as bland as Lance Armstrong’s, Santonio Holmes dropped another potentially misinterpreted gem, this time about waking and baking. Now, I have no idea if Holmes is talking about the less-socially accepted method of baking after you wake up, but if take a quick look at Urban Dictionary, there 15 different definitions for “wake and bake” and they all have to do with marijuana.

The Google result page isn’t much different from UD, either.

When you look at the context of Holmes’ response, you see he was talking to another one of Twitter’s many sports groupies and their little Tweet stream was spent discussing playing Modern Warfare 2 mixed with good morning wishes.

Again, I have no idea if Holmes still partakes, but he does have a history. Considering the earlier Twitter mess Holmes got into — Suicide recommendations, Santonio? Really?!?! — coupled with his previous mistakes, I’d probably avoid any reference that could be connected to weed and consumption thereof.

Either that or I’d just stay the hell away from Twitter. If the NFL Groupies need to contact you that badly, send them your email address in a Direct Message and then delete your account. It would probably be for the best, all things considered.