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Santonio 420

I was led to Santonio Holmes’ site thanks to a post over at PFT mentioning Holmes’ open letter to Pittsburgh Steelers fans. It’s a touching letter, thanking the fans for supporting him through thick and thin; you know, they typical written-by-a-PR-lackey stuff that make people feel like they are apart of the NFL process, and that’s all fine and good. However, while reading Holmes’ note, I noticed this little gem in the right-hand column. Now, at first glance, it seems pretty harmless. Santonio has set up a service that allows fans to “call” him for personal messages and the like — however, once you notice the time on iPhone image, 4:20, you get the feeling, or at least I do, that Holmes just doesn’t get it, or he just doesn’t care about being associated with the marijuana subculture.

Considering the “stoners’ holiday” was a mere two days ago — combined with Holmes’ past run-ins — I’d try to stay away from anything pot-related, especially if I was serving a suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. Another thing: when I see the image in question, and then read things like this:

“Sometimes you have no control over things that happen.”

The idea of Holmes’ hiding his love for the Devil’s Weed in plain sight, while adopting a “Who, me?” attitude, essentially trying to pull one over on his superiors, sounds more and more plausible. How hard would it be to change the time on the phone image to something innocuous like “5:00″ or even “4:30,” in an effort to, oh, I don’t know, disguise your affection for the very thing you got in trouble for?

Who knows? Maybe Holmes is entering a rebellious phase and he wants to show his bosses they can’t control him. Whatever the case, if he wants to keep his job, while demonstrating he is indeed being “accountable for what happened,” perhaps he should just leave the marijuana subculture alone. Completely.