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Redskins Offense

This great screen grab from Mister Irrelevant does a good job in showing just how ineffective things are in the land of the Washington Redskins. To get a better idea of how last night’s face-falling went, LSUFreek chimes in with a list of the play calls Sherman Lewis had at his disposal. Seems about right. In case the Redskins offense wasn’t ineffectual enough — four ugly turnovers (one of which was on a punt return) — their defense didn’t fare much better; especially when DeSean Jackson touched the ball.

Meanwhile, the shots of Jim Zorn looking at his play calling sheet was kind of sad and pathetic. It’s almost as if he was verifying whether or not he was aware of what play was being called without his input. I understand compensation considerations are probably stopping Zorn from walking away, but I’m not sure how much emasculation one person can take.

I guess when millions of dollars are involved, one will allow themselves to be the franchise’s lame duck.