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Pacman Skull

Memo to the troubled NFL star trying to stay out of trouble: Don’t try to fight your bodyguard, privately or otherwise, under Roger Goodell’s watch. Just ask Adam “I’m not Pacman” Jones. The commissioner suspended Jones indefinitely, which adds a great deal to the steadily growing list of problems facing everybody’s sexy choice to win the Super Bowl, the Dallas Cowboys.

So what about his boss, Jerry Jones. Is the Pacman version of Jones done in the eyes of his employer? It certainly does not look that way:

This would be a convenient time for Jerry to cut ties with Pacman, but that isn’t going to happen. Jerry just can’t help but to keep giving guys second chances, as long as they have Pro Bowl potential (never mind the mediocre performance in the last six games). Plus, Jerry just isn’t very good at admitting when he’s wrong.

So the Cowboys will keep babying Pacman. They’ll cross their fingers that he can keep out of trouble for the next month. And they’ll help him craft another letter to Sheriff Goodell promising that he really will stay on the straight and narrow if he can just get one more chance.

If Goodell gives it to him, the odds are awfully high that Pacman will let the Cowboys down when they need him once again, making Jerry look awfully foolish in the process.

So what’s worse? Jones’ commitment to Pacman or Mike Brown’s commitment to Chris Henry? These owners have tied themselves to questionable players, both of whom played college ball in West Virginia and in the case of Jerry Jones, his commitment has already blown up in his face. The sad thing is, neither one of these players are contributing anywhere near the amount you think they would after all the trouble they’ve caused.

Jones has a big goose egg by his interception column and Chris Henry has contributed one whopping catch since he returned to the field two games ago.