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Andrea McNulty

Apparently, today is my “reference TMZ” day. All because of Ben Roethlis-something (way to go, Cowhah), whether he’s found liable or not. Thanks to the guys who stole Perez Hilton’s needed-stealing thunder as a gossip site, we now know what Big Ben’s accuser — Andrea McNulty — looks like. Now, far be it from me to suggest looks are the only thing that drives these decisions, but after looking at McNulty and current Roethlisberger girlfriend, Missy Peregrym, some things just don’t add up.

How about a little taste test? First we have Peregrym:

Missy Peregrym

And then we have McNulty:

Andrea McNulty

Like I said, I’m not here to determine what is good looking and what isn’t, but if you’ve shown a taste for women like Peregrym, where do women like McNulty — that is, average-looking with little-to-no “buzz” about her (something Peregrym certainly has) — fit? Granted, Roethlisberger isn’t going to break any existing records for best looking male, but if you are capable of landing a woman like Peregrym, the McNultys of the world seem like small potatoes.

Once you add TMZ’s report about McNulty’s “affair” with the unknown solider, her credibility takes a severe beating. Of course, as indicated in the morning’s post, if McNulty has any kind of proof for her allegations, her fictitious dating life and average looks won’t matter in the least.