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I’m not trying to kick Ben Roethlisberger while he’s going through a potentially tough situation, but his new commercial for Dick’s Sporting Goods/Nike isn’t accurate. In it, Big Ben is telling a prospective buyer how the new Nike Marauders are good for helping a quarterback move around the pocket so they can better avoid the defensive rush. Um, yeah. About that: Roethlisberger has been sacked 192 times since he’s been in the NFL, meaning at least one, if not more, of those diving defenders would’ve crushed him, and perhaps injured his shoulder again.

Instead of relying on shoes, perhaps Pittsburgh could use some better pass-blocking schemes to protect their franchise quarterback; either that or maybe build a wall around him. According to Darren Rovell, despite the lingering lawsuit, these commercials will continue being shown, which means football season is getting closer and closer.