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If the your team is on the verge of going 0-16, it’s pretty hard to find a lot of sympathy headed your way, especially if you are coaching the Detroit Lions. But, as Rod Marinelli discovered, if you are being brow-beaten by a member of Detroit’s press in what comes across as a personal attack, sometimes people are willing to put coaching and talent ineptitude aside for a great good — checking the reporter who crossed the line.

It all started with this exchange after the New Orleans Saints pounded the Lions, 42-7, dropping Detroit to 0-15, the first time an NFL team has reached such a significant record:

Kudos to Coach Marinelli for maintaining his composure in the face of such useless badgering. The reporter heading up the Marinelli interrogation, Rob Parker, found himself on the receiving end of some backlash from just about everybody who covers the NFL and is now apologizing for the personal tones of his questions, saying he was trying to lighten the situation with a little humor.

Whatever the case, Parker now finds himself having to defend his actions — again — and as for the Lions, if they don’t want to go defeated for the season, they’ll have to win game 16 in Green Bay, their last shot to get a win.

If Coach Marinelli was as daring as I would hope he is, he should just put away his quarterbacks and run the Wildcat offense with his two best only legitimate offensive weapons — Kevin Smith and Calvin Johnson. There’s really no need for anyone else on the Lions offense who needs to touch the ball.