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Child Please

As Chad Ocho Johnson Cinco embraces the social media craze — Twitter and Ustream are his “drugs” of choice — he’s brought an older catchphrase back into our everyday vernacular: Child, please. These two words pretty much permeate throughout Chad’s current Internet existence. Take these examples… for example:

That polished feeling, how you know you got it, when to child please somebody

no need to day give up, child please his a$$ he’ll get the point as you’re walking away

Hell, he even used it when he was Twitter-feuding with ESPN’s Mark Schelreth. Needless to say, the phrase is very much apart of Chad’s public relations/social media package/transformation he’s currently undergoing — he has to do something to win some fans back after last season’s debacle. So much so, in fact, Reebok has joined in on the fun, producing a t-shirt featuring Ocho’s current favorite saying.

For all you Bengals/Ocho fans out there, no word if these shirts will go on sale, but like most things having to do with sports paraphernalia, if the demand is high enough, Reebok will undoubtedly sell them — unless, of course, they are aiming to make it a collector’s item.

Oh, and by the way; we’ll be doing some slower-than-usual posting for the next couple of days as we perform some on-site maintenance for our parent company. That’s what I love about summer sports blogging: Unless you are wholly committed to MLB, you have a lot of time to get these little procedures out of the way.