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Chad Ochocinco Helmet

Oh yeah, the Cincinnati Bengals are for real. Just ask the Baltimore Ravens. Ask them about Cedric Benson or Andre Caldwell. While you are at it, ask Ray Lewis whether trying to take Chad Ochocinco’s head off is worth a 15-yard penalty, one that undoubtedly helped the Bengals on their game-winning drive. While the play looked cool and pretty vicious, it didn’t help the Ravens or their cause whatsoever.

After the jump, we’ve got an animated gif of the play, courtesy of KSK.

Chad Ochocinco Helmet

To his credit, Ochocinco didn’t take the hit lying down, as it were. No, instead he jumped to his feet and “went after” Lewis, letting him know that the play, while neat to look at it, actually helped the Bengals and their game-winning cause. To his credit, the one they call “Ocho” is asking the NFL not to fine Lewis, via Twitter of course.

I have little doubt that position is much easier to take when your team is on the winning side, and therefore, the talk of the NFL.