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Ray Lewis
Love this shot of Ray

Ray Lewis has had about enough of folks talking up the New York Jets like they’re defending Super Bowl champs. Can you blame him?

It’s safe to say that, when Monday night’s game between the Jets and Ravens kicks off, it will be officially on.

Lewis’ beef, besides simple Jets overexposure, comes from some comments Rex Ryan made about the Baltimore defense, including Lewis’ play-calling ability. As for Ryan, he, of course, welcomes Lewis’ comments:

“I’m laughing. I think it’s great. That’s good. I don’t care one way or the other. We don’t have to sneak up on people to tell them what we think. We expect to have a great football team, we expect to win, we go into every football game expecting to win, and if that’s ‘cashing a check’ and all that other kind of stuff, then so be it. Sounds like we got under Ray’s nerves, but we’re not here to sneak up on anybody. We’re just here to play them.”

Gonna be some hittin’ on Monday night, and I can’t wait. If we’re lucky, Lewis will shut all the Jets talk up for a week or so.