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Jeff Garcia

Furthering the thought presented by Mike Florio and MVN, in light of the Tarvaris Jackson benching news, the Minnesota Vikings would be absolutely foolish if they weren’t on the phone right this second with Jon Gruden, offering whatever they could — save PJ — for the rights to get Jeff Garcia up north.

Jackson was benched after his poor play against Indianapolis on Sunday, as well as some other games before that, which ended on him throwing an interception.

If, like some suggested, Brad Childress was being blinded by (alliteration rules) his desire to see his work with Jackson pay off, the decision to start Gus Frerotte should have pulled that wool away. Now that he can obviously see again, wouldn’t it be wise to go after an even better option before the season slips further away?

It’s obvious Jon Gruden thinks Brian Griese is a better option for his Buccaneers, so offer him a draft pick or two. Seeing how Gruden likes to collect quarterbacks, maybe the Vikings should offer Tarvaris Jackson as well. Whatever it would take to get Garcia out of Tampa, again, besides Peterson — and perhaps Jared Allen and the offensive line — they should do it.

They have already experienced one season (plus two games) without having the necessary talent at the quarterback position. Is Childress looking to waste another year of Adrian Peterson? Even he has to realize what a Jeff Garcia brings to the table as opposed to Frerotte.

Simply put, would you rather have a quarterback known for doing this:

Jeff Garcia Pro Bowl

Or this:

Gus Frerotte head smash

Which put him on this list?

Now, this is not so much a knock on Frerotte as it an understanding of what Garcia — who, lest we forget, remains unwanted in Tampa — would bring to the table for such a promising team. It’s your move, Brad.