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Herm Edwards

For all those who think Herm Edwards should have kicked the extra point against San Diego yesterday, the coach responsible for the call has a message he’d like to relay.

You might remember it:

Now, I’ll grant you this: if the Chiefs were having, oh, I don’t know, a good season and contending for a playoff spot, obviously, kicking the extra point would be the correct choice. However, if you are the coach of a team that’s past the halfway point of the NFL season with only one win to its credit, you’d be pulling out all the stops as well — even if that means going for two when one would tie.

For what it’s worth, the Kansas City media agrees with Edwards and thinks the team is showing good progress — without jeopardizing a shot at the overall number pick, to borrow an idea from Jason Whitlock. Joe Posanski offers this:

And so, if you are one of those who want Herm Edwards fired, you probably should do yourself a favor and stop reading this column now. Enjoy your Monday. Get a doughnut or swim a few laps or do whatever you like to do. Because the rest of this will probably aggravate your ulcer. Or give you one.

Still reading? OK, you have been warned. I think Herm Edwards is doing a good job this year.

Considering just how bare the offensive cupboard has been for Edwards, this level of support from the KC scribes is a little surprising. Apparently, the key for the Chiefs is to keep the writers entertained. With that in mind, Edwards should go for two every time his teams scores a touchdown. At least that will give them something to talk about until the team is finished with its makeover.