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NFL Tickets

Are you one of the NFL fans who’s been caught by the single game/forced preseason football ticket purchase? Do you have any preseason tickets lying around, courtesy of perhaps a season ticket holder benefit you don’t plan on using? Do you feel like doing something charitable?

If so, the Ronald McDonald House and the National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB) are teaming up for the “32 for 32″ program. The idea behind the program is for the NATB to donate 32 tickets for all of the NFL preseason games in each of the 32 NFL markets. These tickets are distributed to the Ronald McDonald House, who, in turn, provides them to willing families using the service.

Normally, this kind of subject is a little too high-brow for IntentionalFoul.com, but we recognize a good cause when we see it. I’m sure there are quite a few of you who got caught by the single regular season game/forced preseason ticket purchase and instead of letting them go to waste, we have a better idea for them: Donate them to the 32 for 32 program and allow families in need of the Ronald McDonald House services the opportunity for two-to-three hours worth of escape.

Currently, the NATB has donated over 2000 preseason NFL tickets to the program, but there can always be more. If they go into a surplus, so be it. The opportunity to help out others who are in need of the Ronald McDonald House is reason enough to take part in the program.

Find out more about donating NFL Preseason tickets here.