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Chris Henry

Now that those pesky charges have been dropped, Chris Henry is looking to get back into the NFL and one of the teams he’s talking about is his former team, the Cincinnati Bengals. To which I say, oh, yes please. While most would think Henry might want a fresh start — or perhaps a shot in a bigger city with more entertainment options and perhaps some real chili (I’m sorry, meat sauce is not chili).

But no, it seems the Cincinnati’s wayward son is interested in returning to Carson Palmer and company.

Perhaps expecting a suspension following Henry’s fifth arrest, the team released Henry before the legal system ran its course.

But Henry says he wouldn’t hold any grudges against the organization that drafted him in 2005. In fact, he would welcome a return to the Bengals with open arms.

“Going back to the Bengals is possible,” Henry said. “I wouldn’t mind it happening because I loved playing in Cincinnati. I got real close with all the guys out there and I planned on being out there for a long time. I really had a good time playing ball out there in Ohio.”

Can you really blame Henry for wanting to go back to having Carson Palmer as a quarterback? It’s doubtful teams like the Indianapolis Colts or the New England Patriots would take him and after that, there aren’t many more teams with better quarterbacks than Palmer.

It’s just too bad the Bengals have been wasting his talent.

As for Henry, if he does reunite with the Bengals (and it feels so good), the media’s eye will be incredibly focused on his activities, as will anyone with a camera phone when they seem him public. Granted, when he actually does get to play football, he makes a great third option for Palmer — but that’s just it — he’s only been on the field 21 of the last 32 games for the Bengals.

If Henry doesn’t return to the Queen City, he’ll probably wind up in Dallas. They need receivers and aren’t afraid to take on the dirty laundry of other teams.

Update – 3:55 CST
I don’t think the guys at Cincy Jungle want him back. Just a thought.