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Going for perfection is never easy, just ask the Patriots about their game against Baltimore last night. While New England is pursuing a winning season without any loses, their AFC counterparts, the Miami Dolphins are going after another type of perfection, the kind that will resonate with the franchise long after the current players have moved on: 0-16.

Of course, the irony is if New England does make it through the season without a blemish, they’ll surpass the 1972 Dolphins and their mark of 14-0. If the Pats do go undefeated, they will finish at 19-0, which is a greater accomplishment than the Dolphins’ record, much to the chagrin of Mercury Morris.

That’s right folks, the Dolphins are getting awfully close to eclipsing the 0-14 record of futility established by the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Helping them accomplish this sterling designation are embarrassing losses to teams like the New York Jets, who came Miami with a 2-9 record, which gave the remaining Dolphin fans a sliver of hope they would shake their winless tag and avoid a date with history… 0-16 history.

Unfortunately, the Dolphins played their worst game of the year against the Jets, a team that represented the Dolphins’ best chance to end the losing streak, canceling their date with an unpleasant historical accomplishment. However, the struggling Jets had other ideas and were happy to demonstrate them to the lowly Dolphins by beating them 40-13, a result that undoubtedly caused these kinds of reactions:

The J-E-T-S actually put some points on the board? The Dolphins allowed the Jets to put 40 on the board?

The damage was done when the Jets scored 30 unanswered points, a fact that’s pretty astonishing, when you consider just how bad the Jets have been as well. Aiding them was the Dolphins propensity towards turning the ball over, something they did five times, including three interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown.

Reactions from the game, especially from the Miami players, was unintentionally funny… I mean, it’s never nice to laugh at another person’s pain, but in sports, that sometimes comes with the territory. Jason Taylor was kind enough to share his feelings about losing to the Jets:

“They [stink], too. They beat us, they’ll go home happy and their fans will be happy they’ve got three wins this season. Good for them.”

His thoughts were echoed by Keith Traylor who says, “This is by far the worst’ team I’ve played on.”

Well, not to add insult to injury or anything, but I’m presenting this week’s Player of the Weak award to the Miami Dolphins. Congrats guys. You’ve earned it.

Sad Dolphins