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Steely McBeamAs a former resident of Lexington, Kentucky, I am fully aware how passionate Pittsburgh Steelers fans are about their team. Because of the Bengals ineptitude, over the years, Lexington has seen a serious increase in the amount of Terrible Towel wavers and a lot of them root for the Steelers like they would a UK team (I’m talking to you, Hodge).

So when I come across stories about Steelers fans and the extremes they’ve gone to (or experienced), I’m not that surprised any more. One thing’s for sure, Steelers fans are not afraid to let their allegiance show, even in death. In fact, a lot of Steelers fans make a point to show everyone who they rooted for after they’ve passed on.

Such is the case with Richard Desrosiers, whose wife took her late husband’s ashes to Heinz Field to watch the game between the Steelers and the Jacksonville Jaguars, fulfilling his dying wish:

Though he lived in Exeter, N.H., Richard Desrosiers adopted the Steelers at an early age and followed them closely. He named his dog Steeler and his wardrobe, by his widow’s estimate, was 95 percent Steelers gear.

Braving the biting cold and the Steelers’ disappointing 29-22 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Desrosiers waved her new Terrible Towel, showed off her painted face and warmed her head with a Steelers hat.

She called it “an overwhelming experience.”

How would you describe such a dying wish? Fanatical? Or are you the type of fan that identifies with Desrosiers’ desires?