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When Bobby Petrino abruptly left the Atlanta Falcons for the vacant Arkansas Razorbacks head coaching position, to say he burned some bridges to the NFL is now an understatement. While waiting for the Mitchell Report to come out, ESPN made sure they reminded Petrino about what he did and how it affected the players he left behind.

Once the mics were put in there faces, the Falcons players were not shy about letting their former head coach know how they feel. The coverage started by showing the letter Petrino wrote to the Falcons, announcing his decision and explaining why he did so. Safety Lawyer Milloy added something to the letter, demonstrating how he really felt about the Razorbacks’ new man:

Unhappy Campers

ESPN also has an embeddable video of the players’ reactions. Needless to say, they weren’t very impressed with Petrino’s decision, so much so that Milloy even questioned his ex-coach’s manhood. Nicely done everybody. Thanks for all of the post fodder. ;)