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Introducing your newest NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year — one Percy Harvin. The former Florida Gator took the Minnesota Vikings by storm during his premiere season with plays like the one above. After a dubious start to his rookie year thanks to the Devil’s Weed, Harvin has been a legitimate offensive weapon who is threat to house it every time he touches the ball. You know? Just like he did here?

Or here:

And while my post is essentially the equivalent of a SportsCenter highlight reel, Harvin seems to impress those who are around him on a day-to-day basis. Head coach Brad Childress is specifically impressed with his new award winner’s toughness:

“That may be as big of factor as anything,” Childress said. “His physical toughness as well as mental toughness particularly this time of year to fight on and then throw in the shoulder, throw in the migraines, throw in the fact he’s a rookie. To be strong willed and strong minded. I have a lot of respect for his toughness and then probably the second thing I would mention is his competitiveness. He has A [level] competes where it’s, ‘I’m not going to back down whether it’s Charles Woodson standing in the slot covering me.’ He’s extremely competitive. Like Brett [Favre] says, ‘He’s pretty good.’”

If ever there was a landslide win in postseason accolades, Harvin’s offensive ROY got one, garnering 41 of the 50 first-place votes. From ill-timed pot user to the NFL’s version of Rookie of the Year — that probably qualifies as one of those “paths less traveled” scenarios; but hey, whatever it takes, right?

Next up for Harvin and the rest of his Vikings? The NFC playoffs and the winner of the Philadelphia/Dallas game. To say the road gets easier from here on out is quite the understatement. If the Vikings do in fact make a run to the Super Bowl, their new award-winning rookie will have to play a big part.