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Eli Manning

Eli Manning’s forehead was opened up last night during the New York Jets/New York Giants preseason game. While there was a lot of blood coming out of Manning’s noggin, reports are he’ll be just fine; although, I’d like to the size of the knot on his forehead. The splitting of Manning’s wig came courtesy of a screw up in communication between Manning and his running back, Brandon Jacobs. Jacobs thought he was receiving a hand-off — not the case — and ran into his quarterback, dislodging his helmet.

From there, Jets linebacker Calvin Pace absolutely destroyed Manning with a hard hit from behind, pushing the Giants quarterback’s unprotected forehead against another Jets defender who was in the path of Manning’s fall. The results of the initial gaffe between Jacobs and Manning were awfully bloody, and as usual, when people see blood, the natural reaction is to assume the worse.

Fortunately for Giants fans, the worse part of the head gash seen around the world is the potential scar Manning will have once his stitches are removed.

As our culture is now wont to do, video of Manning’s bloody forehead hit YouTube in an exponential manner, and it’s here where you find just how differently people perceived the hit. Was it dirty on the Jets part, or was it a result of Brandon Jacobs screwing the play up? Depends on which video you watch, because it’s the title that gives their disposition away. Take, for instance, this first one:

If you can’t tell, the title of this particular video is Eli MANning Gets Destroyed by Classless Jets. Apparently, the YouTube user responsible for this upload either really, really likes the Giants or really, really hates the Jets. Evidently, Calvin Pace is not supposed to make that tackle. It is preseason after all, right?

In this next video, the blame is placed more appropriately:

The title of this one is Eli Manning gets destroyed, blame Brandon Jacobs, which seems much more accurate than the first description.

Other uploads include predictable titles like: Eli Manning Gets Owned, Eli Manning INJURY Blood Spews From Injured QB (Why is “INJURY” capitalized?), and Eli Manning gets killed by Jets 08/16/10. Apparently, the date was added to the title so we’d never forget.

If the significant reaction to Manning’s forehead gash isn’t an indication just how desperate the American public is for football, I’m not sure what else is. Oh, and to Giants fans wondering whether or not to worry about their quarterback taking such a hit, some Cincinnati Bengals fans have a few words of advice.

Of course, Palmer’s bloodied face came courtesy of bad offensive line play and not from the mistake of a running back.

H/t to Jane McManus (@janesports) for the twitpic of Eli’s bloody night.