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Chris Simms

After suffering a devastating blow to their franchise with the Tom Brady injury, the Patriots are in damage control mode and are looking for some added insurance at the quarterback position. According to reports, the name at the top of their list is Chris Simms.

When we last saw the younger Simms, his spleen was getting unceremoniously exploded from repeated hits by the Carolina Panthers. When he returned to the team in 2007, Simms was been locked in some kind of weird tug-of-war with coach Jon Gruden until his release on August 30. Considering the Patriots now-lacking depth at quarterback, it’s pretty easy to see why Belichick is interested in the younger Simms; but is he the right choice for the franchise?

Not according to some:

While the Patriots need to bring in another arm, what needs to be clear, is that Matt Cassel is the starter. He really looked poised and calm today, but with the pressure of an able quarterback behind him, that could change. Culpepper and Simms would be an intimidating presence, so I would consider staying away from them. I think the Patriots have moved past Gutierrez, so I don’t think he will be an option.

So, based on my beliefs, this leaves veteran Vinny Testaverde as the best option. I understand that he has too many years under his belt, but he already knows the system, he can serve as a mentor to Cassel, and if he had to play, he could lead the team.

With Cassel being the starter, it makes sense to want a player who isn’t worried about making an audition for the rest of the league. With Testaverde, you have the perfect back-up because he knows the system and is not looking to be the man. If this happens, I don’t doubt Vinny will probably feel a lot like Michael Corleone in Godfather 3:

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”