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Packers CapA yellow and white Green Bay Packers knit cap is THE hot item on Christmas lists throughout Wisconsin, and like most American consumers, the desire to possess this item far outweighs things like shopper’s remorse and in some cases, common sense. I’m not sure what it is about this time of year when it comes to shopping sense, but as people get wind of an item becoming popular, more and more people start to want it and the harder it is to get, the harder people try to get it.

Such is the case of the aforementioned Packers cap, which is made by Reebok, the official NFL partner for all things related to attire. As its popularity increased (and availability decreases), Packers fans went through some pretty extreme measures to secure the cap, including turning to eBay.

Of course, once they get on eBay, they find the item is going for a little more than the retail price of $17.95. Currently, there are a number of them available for bidding, but the prices have already exceeded what you would normally pay… There’s even one with a “Buy it Now” option but the asking price is $99. If you’d rather, you know, wait it out, there is a 5-6 week delay before the item is shipped, meaning it won’t be home for Christmas, sadly enough.

If this is what happens when Brett Favre wears something on the sideline (one of the main reasons for the cap’s popularity), if I was Reebok, I’d have him model everything in my inventory.

Can Packers fans show some restraint or will they follow in footsteps of the folks who pay thousands of dollars for Xbox 360s and Buzz Lightyear dolls? Whatever the outcome, at least the Packers nation can take solace in the fact their fellow fans can dance:

See what I mean? Hat-tip to Busted Coverage for the find.