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Odell Thurman

Mea culpa time. When it was first reported about Odell Thurman being released from the Cincinnati Bengals, I and and some other bloggers had issue with the decision. Considering the news available at that time — something about Thurman not making it back from a family funeral — we felt justified in our position. I even went as far to suggest the above image was actually being used to describe those in charge of running Cincinnati’s football team.

Well, according to SI, those of us that put this on the front-office were wrong: apparently, Odell faces an indefinite suspension from the NFL because he failed a drug test. To which I say, “Brilliant.”

Absolutely brilliant.

There’s nothing like throwing an potentially successful and rewarding NFL career away because you can’t or won’t leave the illegal crap alone. I mean, after admitting he was an alcoholic, did Thurman feel it was time to move on to the illegal recreational drugs? You see, there are only a limited number of conclusions you can come to after hearing he’s facing an indefinite because of a failed drug test.

All apologies are in order for the Bengals front-office. Who knows, if they actually get out of this Chad Johnson mess unscathed (not sure what constitutes that, but nevertheless), it might actually be time to award them a “competent” badge.

We’ll see.