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The NFL held their All-Star festivities in Honolulu yesterday and for some reason, I’m reminded of the “tree falling in the forest” metaphor. Is it still considered an NFL game if no one watches?

Viewers or no didn’t stop no-longer-a-rookie Adrian Peterson from winning MVP honors as he led the NFC to victory over the AFC by the score of 42-30. Over at Deadspin, they have a great write-up about the NFL’s answer to the NBA’s All-Star weekend, however, I don’t think the NFL manages to pull it off with the same fanfare… maybe they could have a dunk contest using the field goal uprights.

Now that the NFL season is officially over, there’s some question about whether or not they’ll keep the event in Hawaii, something the players and the fans who do attend certainly want.

Like most men, I also have reasons for wanting to keep the Pro Bowl in the incredible climate of Hawaii, if for no other reason than to see who else is going to copy the Bikini Girls of Green Bay: