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Brett Favre

For some reason, I can’t help but think this is who Favre is approaching this whole situation. Call me cynical, but after looking at the situation in its totality, it’s hard to come to any other conclusion. When you start pissing even the most hardcore of Packers fans off, then it might be time to change your approach.

However, thanks to the unending ESPN enabling, it seems both sides can’t get enough of this offseason attention and it’s also unlikely the situation is going to improve anytime soon, no matter what Commissioner Goodell wants.

It’s not like he can make the Pack trade any of their players, regardless of how stern his suggestion is.

As for ESPN, it’s pretty obvious they want to keep the storyline alive as they, like the rest of us, wait impatiently for the return of football. When they, as the Worldwide Leader in sports, report on things like text messages and “team-issued cellphones” in relation to Favre and it makes their front page as a lead story, it’s pretty easy to see they want Favre to stay in the limelight.

It gives them something to talk about besides the Sox/Yankees/Rays/Angels/Mets.

Does it really matter whose phone Favre was using? If he offered his services or spoke to another team about the possibility of a trade, it would still be tampering regardless of what method he used to get in touch with them. But there’s ESPN, trying their damnedest to keep this all things Favre on in the forefront of their daily content. Hell, they even have a FAVRE label on their bottom line; you know, so you can keep up with all the Brett minutiae you might have missed.

In light of all this, all I can say is 36, 35, 34…. you get the picture.