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Ocho Tweet

Between here and Cincy Jungle, I’ve been on a little kick concerning Chad Ochocinco’s Twitter profile. It’s becoming a thing of legend, and if he keeps using it like he has been, I fear it will be taken from us all too soon. By now, you probably know about Chad’s use of Twitter while the team was at the theater, watching the new GI Joe movie.

Good times were had by all, or not.

While Ochocinco — so damn weird typing that as a name — received the necessary amount of ribbing for using his phone while at the movies, the mad scientist-like receiver continued his assault on the Twitter world, 140 characters at a time. As the lead image indicates, Chad’s not above mixing it up with fans and followers, and that alone is worth the price of admission; or at least a follow.

The obvious question becomes, with the expected Twitter backlash growing, especially in the world of athletics, you have to wonder how much longer Ochocinco will be allowed to go on like this. Does Roger Goodell (or Marvin Lewis for that matter) enjoy watching one of the league’s lightning rods engage fans in such a manner? While it does make for some entertaining reading, arguing and baiting fans isn’t exactly the image and message supported by the League’s front office.

Imagine if something like this happens after the Bengals beat the Browns in Week 4? What happens if he starts arguing with Browns fans, who will undoubtedly up the ante of said argument with choice descriptions of everybody’s favorite wide receiver? What happens when Ochocinco responds in kind?

Plug = pulled, that’s what.

Do you really think Goodell would allow his players to behave in such a manner?