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What’s in a name? A player by any other name would still smell as…. well, you get the picture. When you think “name” in terms of the NFL there is but one person that pops to mind: Chad Ochocinco.

Ochocinco used to be Chad Johnson, but he wanted everyone to call him Ochocinco because of his number: 85. Except that “eight, five” isn’t the same as “eighty-five,” but why split hairs when you’re a publicity magnet? Ochocinco he wanted to become, and in 2008 Ochocinco he became.

Now, (probably since we’ve all adapted to Ochocinco and the novelty has worn off) he is changing his name back to Chad Johnson.

The first thing I wondered at this was whether he might be leaving Cincinnati. He’s publicly said he wants to stay with the Bengals, but it still makes me wonder. While there is a good chance he could go somewhere else (Jets or Pats have been talked about in the most un-serious of ways) and if that’s the case he might not get number 85 on his jersey. That would be awkward. When your name is “eight, five” and you get say, “eight, zero” as your number? How gauche.