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Chad Ocho Cinco Jersey

While the Bengals continue to mismanage the career of T.J. Houshmandzadeh, the franchise’s center of attention continues to say some of the damnedest things. This time, Ocho Cinco discusses how his performance troubles are related to a monster he has to fight.

The eloquent one elaborates (memo to the Cincinnati Enquirer: do some link rewrite management, OK?):

“…And I broke it down like this: Never, ever, ever, ever go against the monster, because the monster always wins. Get it? So y’all put that in your own perspective and you’ll understand where I’m coming from and why things are going the way it’s going right now. OK, what else you want to talk about?”

Is coach Marvin Lewis, whom you kissed during the Dallas game, the monster: “No, it’s hard to get to him. He’s really high. No, I’m just playing.”

Who is the monster? “It’s a riddle, man. Think about it.”

Is it Carson Palmer? “No! Carson’s part of me.”

Are you the monster? “I could be. Sometimes.”

Is it bad karma: “No, this isn’t karma. Did I do something wrong?”

Was it all the stuff from the offseason? “That has nothing to do with my being able to play though. I’m still the same.”

Unlike Chad, words pretty much fail me. The reason he isn’t performing like he’s capable is, well, I’ll be damned if I can find a reason in the explanation he offered. He’s speaking in karmic terms, but when he’s asked about karma, he doesn’t think he did anything wrong; although, I doubt he consulted this particular fan before offering whatever that is in the block quote.

Whatever the case, the man formerly known as Johnson is not performing anywhere near up to par. In his first five games, OC has only 14 catches for 159 yards and one touchdown. Meanwhile, Houshmandzadeh continues to lead the team in all of these categories, which explains why Mike Brown might be trying to deal T.J. instead of Ocho Whatever.