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I’m not sure how many undecided college football fan voters are out there, but Barack Obama might have just secured their vote after his little stint on Monday Night Football last night. During his interview with Chris Berman, Boomer asked the Presidential hopeful the one thing he would change in the sports world. Obama’s answer echoed a sentiment many sports fans long for: a college football playoff.

No more computers and polls, just good old football deciding the champion. It’s a novel concept, I know, but I’m thinking this — this right here — is change we can actually believe in.

As for the equal time portion of this post, John McCain was asked the same question and he said he’d like to see performance-enhancing drugs eliminated from the sports universe. This, like Obama’s desire for a college football playoff, rings just as true. After sitting through the last baseball offseason, dealing with the never-ending Roger Clemens saga, I certainly agree with McCain as well.

So there you have it, undecided sports fans. Two more positions to consider while you continue on with the hair-splitting process. Don’t take too long, though. The polls don’t stay open all day.