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Jessica AmbitionMuch to the dismay of bloggers everywhere, Tony Romo’s personal succubus (there’s got to be a morning after), Jessica Simpson, won’t be in attendance on Sunday when the Cowboys battle the Giants.

While some folks are taking bets on whether or not she will be there, word from Daisy Duke’s publicist is she won’t be.

Apparently, Jess will be at home working on more stuff for her father to pimp… well, that or working on a new album. Maybe she’ll be working on a sequel to Blonde Ambition, seeing how successful the first one was. If any of you Giants fans are thinking of driving down to Texas Stadium on Sunday and would like to remind Tony about who is and who isn’t at the game, we have just the thing for you.

Who would’ve thought it would take Miss Chicken-of-the-Sea to outshine all that is Terrell Owen’s ankle. Maybe Donovan could’ve used one of those while T.O. was in Philly…