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Jay Cutler

Kudos to those of you who made it through the mess that was the New York Giants and the Chicago Bears. While the game stats would lead one to believe a defense struggle took place — as do the nine first half sacks of Jay Cutler — a text message from a friend of mine (@bigbakedbean) sums up my feelings:

Is this a football game? Doesn’t really look like it…

So again, a mad amount of respect goes out to those of you who made it through that slop, although, if you had the New York Giants defense in a fantasy league, you’re probably pretty happy. Apparently, this is the offending play that knocked Cutler out of the second half:

Granted, considering he got blasted nine times in one half, it could’ve been an accumulation reaction. Or a “get me the **** out from behind this offensive line” response from Cutler after picking himself up off the field, yet again. While the Giants deserve credit for their pass-rushing prowess, they didn’t set the world on fire with the rest of their play, either. Just ask Ahmad Bradshaw and his vanity:

Ahmad Bradshaw

Seeing Bradshaw react after his commitment to vanity betrayed him is one of the best things from the NFL weekend. Too bad the game surrounding it was not.

H/t to 30fps for the images.