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If violent outbursts of anger caused by SEC football can be categorized as “beautiful,” it will be because of Nick Saban and his awesome ability to emote. I mean, just look at the video. That’s some quality frustration expulsion right there. That’s what happens if an Alabama quarterback throws a really ill-advised pass — they’ll suffer the Wrath of Saban. Fortunately for those offending quarterbacks, their coach expresses himself in such a beautiful fashion, they’ll no doubt feel like they are getting a healthy dose of tough love.

In other news, will Les Miles say anything about this play, and risk the Wrath of Slive, something that’s not quite as beautiful as Saban rage?

If I was Miles, I think I could afford a $30,000 fine (I’m using Urban Meyer’s punishment as a baseline) in order to get a point about just how bad SEC officiating has been this season.

H/t to the LWS crew for the Saban video.