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That is, he wants to hit Brett Favre and hit him hard. As a Green Bay Packer and former teammate of Favre, Barnett is looking forward to the opportunity of putting the newest member of the Minnesota Vikings on his backside, something he never got enjoy when they played together. Damn red jerseys. Barnett will have his chance when the Vikings and Packers meet on October 5 in Minnesota. Now while that game will get a great deal of pub and hype, the November 1st game, which takes place in Green Bay, is going to be the one everybody watches.

Considering the Green Bay backlash Favre is currently hearing, there’s no telling how loud the Packers chorus will be on the first Sunday in November. Just a little FYI about that game: Secondary tickets are already going for in excess of $5000. Imagine what that number will be like in two months.

Now, imagine the crowd’s reaction if Nick Barnett’s wish comes true.

H/t to Ethan for the find.

Oh, and barring an injury or a change of heart, this will probably be the last Favre post for a while. At least until Friday when the Vikings play the Kansas City Chiefs in what promises to be one of the most watched preseason games, maybe ever.